Artist Statement

When I discovered encaustic painting more than twenty years ago, it became my primary medium.  Its fluidity, textures, layers of color and inherent possibilities intrigued and challenged me.  The medium, itself, became one of the subjects of my work. 

Each of my painting series, whether they are figurative, landscape, or abstract has a distinct focus. The landscapes  are inspired by riverbanks, gardens and seasons in New Jersey, lakes in Minnesota and mountains and the Pacific Ocean in California. My most recent works, acrylic with mixed media, were influenced by the topography, expanse, movement, shapes and colors of the Western landscape. In the figurative series I return to a subject which has intrigued us humans since the beginning of our history, ourselves. Finally, I continued to be inspired by science and math, both the microscopic and the cosmos.

 Always, I am interested in exploring: what I see and how I portray it. My perceptions are abstracted as I interact and interpret what I paint.

“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time”

 TS Eliot